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10th Annual Quilt Day - 2014 - Thank You


Quilt Day

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Extra Special Thanks

Robert and Carole Arnold ˇ Connecting Threads/Crafts America ˇ The William H Davis, Dorothy M Davis and William C Davis Foundation/William Wells ˇ In Memory of Sally Farber ˇ Gloria Hightower ˇ Nationwide Realty ˇ Quilt Beginnings at Sawmill and Broad Street ˇ Re/Max Premier Choice ˇ Jon & Pam Kirk ˇ Marcia Wall ˇ In Memory of Carol McNeeley ˇ Nationwide Quilters/Nationwide Insurance Foundation ˇ Kohl’s Volunteers ˇ Lola Behrends ˇ In Memory of Jim Behrends….and to our husbands that help us with our cause.

Special Thanks

Patricia Costantini ˇ Common Threads Quilt Guild ˇ Maria Gallo ˇ Glass Thimble Quilt Shop ˇ Marilyn Glenn ˇ Graceland Sewing Center ˇ James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute ˇ Memory Lane Quilting/Mike Holodnak ˇ Jacque Mercier ˇ Quilt Trends ˇ Sew to Speak Quilt Shop ˇ Judy Spence ˇ Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center ˇ GYN Oncology ˇ PACU/Radiation Oncology

Thanks to those who so generously donated their treasures

Autumn Aalyson ˇ Aardvark Quilts ˇ Nebilia Abdulwahab ˇ Ackfeld Manufacturing ˇ A. E. Nathan/Jim Frank ˇ Judy Adams ˇ American Jane Patterns ˇ American Quilter’s Society ˇ Carol Amore ˇ Mary Anderson ˇ Andover Fabrics, Inc. ˇ Sharon Anthony ˇ Penelope Arch ˇ Carol Arnold ˇ Anything But Boring-Janice Pope ˇ Art to Heart/Halverson ˇ Athletic Lettering/Jean Feil ˇTanya Avery ˇ Alfred Bachman ˇ Beth & Hadley Barnes ˇThe Button Company ˇ Bear Paw Productions ˇ Eileen Berton ˇ Joy Best ˇ Patricia Best ˇ Margaret Bonomini ˇ Laura Booke ˇ Deborah Bowers ˇ Bunny Hill/Anne Sutton ˇ The Button Company Barbara’s Buttons ˇ Nancy Burr-Dibari Diane Campbell ˇ Canal Quilters ˇ Thomas & Rita Cannon ˇ Michael Cerrato ˇ Clothworks Textiles ˇ Bonnie Clucus ˇ Coats and Clark/Cynthia Schnall ˇ Richard Cohn ˇ Joanne Colberg ˇ Angela Currie ˇ Alan & Christine ˇ Dale Coupland ˇ Kimberly Daniels ˇ Kimberly Deems ˇ Figure Flattering Quiltwear/Joan Derylak ˇ Molly Degiralomo ˇ Dianne Springer Designs ˇ Angela Dodley ˇ Patricia Eaton ˇ Suzanna Edens ˇ Frank A. Edmunds & Co., Inc.  Electric Quilt Company ˇ Elizabeth’s Studio LLC ˇ Embelishment Village ˇ Euro-Nations, Inc. ˇ Fabric Shack ˇ Fairfield Processing Corp  ˇ Fletcher Ross Designs ˇ Arnie Fliegelman ˇ Fabrics by Spectrix ˇ Fabri-Quilt ˇ Ann Fein Cheryl Forney ˇ Fox Chapel Publishing ˇ Tracy Frankenhoff ˇ George and Connie Frecker ˇ Gammil/Jennifer Smith ˇ Julia Garrett ˇ General Fabrics Company/Edward Odessa ˇ Dianne & Ralph Gersper ˇ Ghee’s ˇ Al & Eileen Gingras ˇ Marilyn Glenn ˇ Diana Goettemoeller ˇ Dwight Goodman II ˇ Cheryl Grubaugh ˇ Larry Haimerl ˇ Denise Hall ˇ James & Nancy Hamilton ˇ Happy Hollow Designs ˇ Chris Harmon ˇ Rachee Hatfield ˇ Elizabeth Hayden  Barbara Ann Heckendorn ˇ Harold & Sharon Hess ˇ Hillcreek Designs, Inc./Herman Hillcreek ˇ Mary Ann Holman ˇ Bill & Marilyn Honabarger ˇ Indigo Junction/Amy Barickman ˇ Jesse James & Co., Inc. ˇ Jennifer Keating  Honey Guy Products/Don Johnson ˇ Tamara Hunt ˇ Jesse James & Co, Inc ˇ Judith Jones ˇ June Tailor, Inc. ˇ Just Another Button Company  Kathy Schmitz LLC ˇ Jane Kelsey ˇ Kroger Community Rewards ˇ Marie Kubico ˇ Leah Lampirez ˇ Leisure Arts ˇ Joanne Lester ˇ Karen Liming ˇ Londa’s Creative Threads ˇ Mary Macynski ˇ Mary Ellen Products ˇ Martelli Enterprises ˇ  Angie Matessa ˇ Madelyn Maupin ˇ Mary’s Quilt Shop/Mary Koval ˇ Jean Maxwell ˇ May Arts/John Aemisegger ˇ Ellen McBride ˇ Jack McIntyre ˇ Angela & Thomas Meeker ˇ Nick & Phyllis Mendoza ˇ Mighty Bright Gold Crest LLC ˇ Elizabeth Miller ˇ Joan & Milton Moos ˇ LaVersa Motes ˇ Millers’ Dry Good/Elaine Mast ˇ Christine Miller ˇ Cynthia Miller ˇ Minick and Simpson ˇ Nick & Phyllis Mendoza ˇ Misty Fuse ˇ Carol Monson ˇ Mountain Creek Creations ˇ Kathleen Murphy ˇ National Nonwovens/Sandra Daigle  Patty Neff ˇ James Neville ˇ Nelsonville Quilt Co./Susan Holmes ˇ Nolting Manufacturing  ˇ Judith Norris ˇ Benton Odessa ˇ Paintbrush Studio-FabriQuilt ˇ P&B Fabrics, Inc.  Patricia Ritter ˇ Rosemary Pearson ˇ Michele Peddicord ˇ Quilt Beginnings Northwest/Sue Howard ˇ Quilt Country/Sandy Brawner ˇ Quilter’s Rule Int’l LLC ˇ Quilters Travel Companion/Jack Murphy ˇ The Quilt Show/Justin Shults ˇ Quilting in the Country ˇ Quilt Trends LLC ˇ Nancy A. Dill - Quilt ˇ Mary Ann Rank ˇ Annette Rearick ˇ Debra Caserta ˇ Red Rooster Quilt Shop ˇ Linda Roberts ˇ Linda Runyon ˇ Joyce & Richard Sabgir ˇ Sandra Sarafin ˇ Patrice Sarganis ˇJonothan & Eva Scheetz ˇ Karen Seich ˇ Wanda & Todd Sells ˇ Ann & Norman Silverman ˇ Sue Stafford ˇ Serendipitee Quilt Shop ˇ Charles Shapiro ˇ Sue Sheets ˇ Sue Shook ˇ Silver Thimble Company ˇ Donna Spence ˇ Starry Pines Pattern Company/Carrie Jones ˇ Thomas & Suzann Stoker ˇ Elizabeth Stone ˇ Laura Gilvin - Studio E Fabrics/Michelle Perez ˇ Sulty of America, Inc. ˇ Anne Sutton ˇ Swiss Village Quilts ˇ T. Cowan Co./Terri Cowan Quilters Hang-up ˇ The Door Mouse, Inc. ˇ June Tailor Inc./Jill Repp ˇ Nancy Thompson ˇ Fawn Thompson ˇ Joyce Toner ˇ Janell Tucker ˇ Thelma Vargo ˇ TrueCut ˇ A Very Special Collection ˇ Gail Wadley ˇ Maria Wagenbach-Ball ˇ Mary Wagner ˇ Gary and Julie Wallden ˇ Caroline Walls ˇ Bobbie Warren & Debra Shaw ˇ Westminster Fibers/Scott Fortunoff ˇ Whistlepig Creek Productions ˇ Deborah Whitecar ˇ Charlotte Whitehair ˇ Windham Fabrics ˇ Winline Textile Products Wolff Industries, Inc. ˇ YLI Corporation/Roseann Chase ˇ Cindy Zeck
…..and, to any other generous persons that we missed.  

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